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Wishing You a Transformative New Year

Our mission at Re-CreationWORLD is to inspire you to live and travel in ways that help you discover all the great possibilities for yourself and for the world. 

As you adventure into the new year, we encourage you to travel light - open-minded and unburdened with excess baggage. Colleen, Re-CreationWORLD Founder + Visionary, shares her observations and experiences celebrating New Year's in Ecuador, along with some helpful hints on unpacking your stuff before you embark on the journey into 2019. 

This is such a great time to celebrate the successes of the past year, plant the seeds of intention for where you want to be in the new one and to set out plans to bring your vision to life. As I enjoy the comfort of the holiday season and prepare my bold goals for the new year, I'm wondering why, in spite of all the beautiful dreams, good intentions and well-prepared plans, we rarely succeed in sticking with our resolutions or achieving a dramatic difference?

Then, I remembered the year I welcomed the New Year at my home at Las Palmeras in Otavalo, Ecuador. If our dog-tired approach to ringing in the New Year is failing to set us up for success year after year, perhaps the traditions of this small country in South America can help. In Canada (my home country), we speak of "out with the old, in with the new", yet focus only on our hopes and wishes for the new year.  In Ecuador, New Year's is about preparing for the future by clearing the past - dealing with baggage, belief, and behaviors that will not serve you into tomorrow; allowing you total freedom to create anew with complete clarity. They partake in a unique cleansing ceremony, quite literally burning their baggage and helping them prepare for the next 365 days. 

So, what is this mysterious traditional Ecuadorian New Year's celebration and ceremony? How would you participate in such a tradition?  What would you be doing that is so liberating and creative?

Step 1: 

Spend the afternoon of New Year's Eve constructing an effigy - best if it has some likeness to yourself - to represent the old you. Stuff it full with paper and straw and all the fear, negativity, sadness and undesirable aspects of your life that have been holding you from being your greatest self.

Step 2:

Put it on display for all to see, along with your commitment to change. Pay your respects to the old you for how well you handled your experiences, the fun and success you had and the lessons you learned.

Step 3: 

Gather with friends, family, and fire: the fire that will forever change your life. Just before midnight, cast your effigy on the fire and watch all your limitations and worries die with the old year. Enjoy a celebration of the new you and the new year, knowing this will be your greatest year yet!

Step 4: 

New Year's Day, go for a hike to the sacred waters. The encounter with nature will help to clear your mind and rejuvenate your body. Breath deep and give thanks to Pachamama for her love and guidance. Then set forth to plan and begin creating your vibrant new life.

While I am not able to participate in such a dramatic ceremony every year, I like to find small ways in which I can use the learnings from my Ecuadorian experience. I now realize how important it is to clear and cleanse before setting my intentions for the new year. This year, because I am travelling, it may be to simply prepare a list on my computer of all the "stuff" that I do not wish to carry any longer and then consciously, with full commitment, delete that list. I can then look forward, with peace of mind, to welcome 2019 - the year my vision for Re-CreationWORLD will come to life.

Best Wishes for the New Year - may it be a grand adventure filled with beauty, wonder and a world of possibility,

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