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About You

Are you a mindful traveller who values and honours the people and places you visit?

Do you seek responsible, eco-friendly, and sustainable travel?

Do you want to do what you can to make the world a better place by connecting with the planet, spirit and local communities?

If this sounds like you, we want to help you discover the beauty, wonder and possibility in yourself and in the world.    

About Us  

Meet Colleen, CEO + Visionary of Re-CreationWORLD

Hi! I'm Colleen McBain and I absolutely love to travel! Travel represents freedom for my soul and has connected me with wonderful places and incredible people all over the globe. 

However, time and time again I would witness irresponsible travelers and tourism operators behaving in ways that are not sustainable for the planet or for local communities. I am saddened by the lack of ethical and fair treatment of the local cultures and personnel. I've seen way too many tourists seeking a "Cheap Holiday in Other People's Misery".

That's when I decided to create a totally transparent directory so we can feature the socially responsible and environmentally sustainable tourism good guys. I believe this will encourage travellers to step away from the well worn, damaging routes to explore unique and inspiring experiences that help build vibrant communities and rejuvenate the planet. 

To Beauty, Wonder & Possibility   

~Colleen McBain    


Welcome to the Re-CreationWorld Community.

We are just beginning our journey as Re-CreationWorld and would be delighted if you will join us on this adventure. Our dream is to feature a whole world of curated content where you can search for any responsible tourism activity anywhere on our planet. However, today we are featuring Ecuador, and only a small number of the experiences there that we ultimately wish to introduce to you. Read our Magazine Article; The Beginning: Ama La Vida in Ecuador, to find out why we chose Ecuador as our first destination. From this humble beginning, we hope to build a global community and connect seekers of change and purposeful transformational tourism experiences directly with the unique responsible tourism enterprises that are not just practicing environmental awareness and sustainability, but who are rejuvenating environments and cultures, striving for and facilitating change and who are creatively providing authentic off-the-beaten-path, life altering and meaningful experiences.

Our intent with this guide is to feature only tourism enterprises that are supporting the local communities and environs in which they operate. Thus by providing this guide, with links to the featured tourism organizations, we hope to give you a way to connect and book directly, insuring all of your tourism expenditure is invested locally. Also, by connecting via this website you will be encouraging these organizations to actively participate in the Re-CreationWorld community.