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Grizzly Bear Refuge

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The Kicking Horse Grizzly Bear Refuge is located just west of Yoho National Park on a mountainside overlooking Golden B.C.  It is open every day from late May to late September. 

Interpretive Tours provide an extraordinary opportunity to observe Boo, the resident Grizzly Bear. Boo was orphaned when his mother was shot by a poacher and the 20-acre refuge enclosure, the largest in the world, was built as his home and for his protection. Each tour is different as you will be following Boo's lead as he roams and interacts with his natural habitat. The 10 am tour is recommended as this is Boo's most active time and provides the best chance to see him up close.


Grizzlies are very sensitive to human activity and are increasingly threatened by human encroachment and loss of habitat. The Grizzly Bear Refuge seeks to educate the public and give them an appreciation for the importance of these majestic animals. The hope is that this will raise awareness such that they and their wild places are respected and protected.