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Belinda Woodhouse

Re-CreationWORLD / Guest Author

Belinda Woodhouse (Bel) decided to change her life, left the Royal Australian Navy and let her wanderlust take her roaming the planet in free sandal-wearing bliss. Head honcho at The Travel Bag and author of 21 Reasons to Visit … travel book series, her love of writing, photography and videography enable her to live her dream life abroad.

Nothing is safe from her curiosity. Loving adventure, exploration and the wild places you will find her climbing all over ruins, tubing down jungle rivers and exploring the depths of the oceans laughing and loving every minute of it.

Currently living on the gorgeous Caribbean island of Cozumel in Mexico, moving abroad is the best change she ever made. It has given her total freedom to soar and live her dream life.

Website:  https://www.thetravelbag.guru 

Contact:  [email protected]