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The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a not-for-profit and one of East Africa’s oldest and most pioneering conservation organizations. They have worked for the protection and conservation of wildlife and wild habitats in Kenya for over 40 years. Working at a field level with local partners, including the Kenya Wildlife Service, in areas where wildlife and ecosystems are threatened, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust implements innovative and proven solutions to manage issues of wildlife poaching, human-wildlife conflict, habitat destruction and drought. Best known as a leader in orphaned elephant rehabilitation, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is the first organization in the world to successfully hand-raise orphaned milk-dependent elephants and reintegrate them back into the wild through its Orphans’ Project. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust shares the progress of every orphan through a unique animal adoption program that fully connects donors with the impact of their support both on their adopted elephant and on the greater work of the Trust. The charity also opens its doors at the Nairobi Wildlife Nursery (Elephant Orphanage) facility for one hour daily for visitors to learn about elephants and the threats facing the species.


Working with the Kenya Wildlife Service, the Kenya Forest Service and in collaboration with local communities bordering Kenya's National Parks, The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is on a mission to bring wildlife back from the brink of extinction and to protect the threatened ecosystems and wild habitats of Kenya. All this "in the hope for a better future for both wildlife and mankind".

They recognize that responsibly managed tourism can make an important contribution to the preservation and protection of Kenya's wildlife and thus have four eco-lodges: three based in Tsavo East National Park - Ithumba Camp, Ithumba Hill and Galdessa - and the fourth Umani Springs in the groundwater forest of Kibwezi. Each of these unique properties offers the opportunity for foster parents of the elephants in the Orphan's Project to visit one of the Reintegration Sites in the Tsavo Eco-system.  Funds generated by the eco-lodges are directly invested in the protection and conservation of the surrounding areas.