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Phima Voyages is a responsible travel agency specializing in Northern Peru and rural tourism, created in 2015 by a French-German couple, Philippe and Martina. It is very important for them to develop sustainable and community-based rural tourism. This is why they spend time in the villages to get to know the locals interested in sharing their stories and way of life with you and to create tours that are mutually beneficial for you, the client, but also for the local communities.

They have over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry, tourism and travel and are themselves very well travelled. Their company can offer you rural tourism or tailor-made high-end tours, just whatever you feel like. All will truly connect you with the natural environment, ancient wisdom and history and communities in ways that will be meaningful for you and help preserve local culture. 

Phima Voyages is offering of an exclusive custom tour designed specifically for the Re-CreationWORLD Community. This experience takes you deep into the cloud forest of Northern Peru to:

  • Discover the archeological wonder of Kuelap; home of the tall light skinned "cloud warriors" the Inca's feared.  
  • Hike the Valley of the Cataratas to see one of the worlds highest waterfalls.
  • Gain insight into everyday local life and culture by staying with (and thus giving back to) local families and participating in workshops featuring artistic and traditional community activities.

Included in this tour, especially for Re-CreationWORLD community members, is a cultural exchange and a weaving lesson on the traditional handloom. Joining the RCW Community is easy and rewarding - sign up at the bottom of this page. Then ensure you mention your membership when you book this or any other of the amazing responsible tourism activities offered and arranged by Phima Voyages.  



Phima Voyages specializes in responsible rural tourism and discovery adventures in Northern Peru. Tailor-made itineraries explore hidden regions and communities, fascinating lost cultures and archeological sites and provide connections and learning encounters with the local communities. Spiritual retreats and yoga sessions are available to support your connection to self and a mindful journey in this wondrous new environment

Rural tourism experiences and encounters are designed to empower the communities, provide much-needed income, fairly develop a tourism economy and celebrate and support the culture. Their local partners offer authentic experiences and it's a positive interaction for all.

Their tours take you off the beaten path, far from the over-saturated tourism sites of Peru, such as Machu Picchu, into a mysterious world of Pre-Inca Ruins and historical treasures. Exploring these less known archeological sites encourages their restoration, study and preservation and eases the traffic and damage at the more popular sites.

Discovering, and spending time with such unique people and places can inspire curiosity, open the mind, and impart great wisdom and new perspectives on today's environmental and social challenges.