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Luna Jaugar Hot Springs Eco-Spa

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Luna Jaugar Hot Springs Eco-Spa | Profile Portfolio: Luna Jaugar Hot Springs Eco-Spa

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Agua Caliente Community Copán Ruinas, Copán
+504 9706 5995

[email protected]


Luna Jaguar Hot Springs Eco-Spa, operated by the descendants of the Maya Civilization of Copán, celebrates the sacred thermal waters, ancient Mayan ways of mystical transformation and the cycle of eternal renewal...

Blending almost seamlessly into the jungle this outdoor open-air spa rejuvenates every cell of your being and leaves you in complete peace and harmony with nature. Check out the feature story highlighted below to discover more about this exquisite body mind and spirit experience. Click on over to their website for background on the Mayan Wave and guide to the transformative experience of the Luna Jaguar Thermals.

This is a must-do side trip for either before or after exploring the major highlight of the area - Copán Archeological Park and UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Plan to spend an extra day and night in Copán Ruinas so you can take their bus for the 45-minute expedition over 22 km (14 mi) of winding backcountry road for a day at the Spa. Consider finding a private local guide and booking a tour of a local coffee farm and/or visiting some of the small villages along the way. Or, perhaps lunch in Agua Caliente, the community that hosts Luna Jaguar.

COVID 19 NOTE:  Luna Jaguar Spa reopened in October 2020, but there are strict policies in place to protect everyone. You must make a reservation via their Facebook Page or WhatsApp phone number noted above.


Luna Jaguar Spa demonstrates a wonderful blend of and respect for ancient traditions and eco-friendly tourism.  Located in a jungle reserve and operated by local residents with an intimate knowledge of the history and appreciation for the sacredness of the site, Luna J works to protects this natural treasure, helps to authentically preserve the Mayan culture and supports the local community of Agua Caliente with responsible tourism spend.