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Cozumel Pearl Farm

Mexico Tour + Experience


Franja de Montecristo, Cozumel, Q.Roo
+52 1 987 564 8698

[email protected]


The only pearl farm in the Caribbean, Cozumel Pearl Farm showcases a natural treasure, the unique Cozumel Pearl. Experience a private tour with the owners, learning everything from growing to harvesting this one-of-a-kind pearl while enjoying the private reserve, swimming, snorkelling pristine reefs and lunch on the beach.

The Cozumel Pearl Farm can't wait to welcome you as a guest! Click on the website and social links above to discover more about their tours, including how you can spend the night and sleep under the stars in this paradise - a personal dream for those of us at Re-CreationWORLD - and to book a tour or stay directly to ensure all your tourism dollars go to support their research, conservation and community work.


Since Hurricane Wilma tore Cozumel apart in 2005 devastating the first edition of the pearl farm, they rebuilt creating a responsible tourism business showcasing their rare Caribbean jewel. The Cozumel Pearl.

They took the chance before it was popular to rebuild in an eco-friendly way, minimizing the impact on the environment. Only three buildings are on site, all kept as natural as possible. Wildlife wanders in and out unaware they should be afraid of humans. And all the energy consumed on-site is generated by solar, wind or wave.

The fees from their tours support some incredible conservation projects including rejuvenating the natural habitat, building artificial reefs, coral reef regeneration and the reintroduction of the nearly extinct Atlantic Pearl Oyster, as well as the Farm's overall commitment to environmental, social and local economic sustainability.

To learn more about their sustainability initiatives and/or make a cash donation to help them continue with their important work click this link to The Cozumel Pearl Farm website sustainability page.