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Belugas in Hudson Bay

Canada Tour + Experience


In the summer months, the rivers flowing into Hudson Bay are host to some of Canada's largest populations of beluga whales. They gather in the Bay to feed and give birth to their calves. You will get the chance to observe these amazing whales and other sub-arctic wildlife while travelling by jet boat, zodiac, and kayak. You will have opportunities to photograph them and listen to their songs through an underwater hydrophone. If you’re brave enough and the conditions are right, you might even be able to swim with these charming and highly vocal white whales. You will stay at an active research centre on the edge of the tundra near Churchill, Manitoba and participate in research led by scientists and marine biologists, as well as join coastal hikes, walking tours of Price of Whales Fort, and Cape Merry National Historic Site. Your evenings are spent enjoying delicious homecooked meals, Canadian wine, the almost endless daylight and lectures in marine biology. This is a wonderfully rewarding way to learn and fully experience summer in Northern Canada!


Your host for this experience - The Churchill Northern Studies Centre is an independent, non-profit research and education facility. They provide accommodation, meals, equipment and logistical support for scientists working on research projects in the area. This is a true learning vacation where you can have an impact by participating in the latest studies and supporting and sustaining this valuable work.

Because you stay at the LEED-certified facility, this unique, once-in-a-lifetime-experience is relatively affordable (when compared to a luxury expedition) and a great example of a responsible approach to tourism. Plus, you have the satisfaction that your tourism $$'s are going directly into the community (which has been isolated by the closure of the rail line), the facility and to ultimately help this fragile northern environment thrive.