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Lennox Island, Prince Edward Island



The authentic visitor experiences that the Mi'kmaq people of Lennox Island First Nation offer are a fantastic way to learn about the rich heritage of their culture in the Canadian Maritimes. You can book a range of activities, all led by members of the community, directly through their website from learning the traditional method of cooking bannocks and clams in the sand, to creating your own drum from scratch! 


As tourists and travellers we can seek out eco-friendly accommodation, locally sourced foods and ethical tour operators, but if we fail to engage with local communities and their history, we've missed the point entirely. Discovering and taking time to appreciate the native culture is not only an act of respect to the indigenous communities of your travel destination, but chances are that you'll learn something interesting along the way!

"Approximately 450 residents call this special place "home" while countless thousands of others can trace their roots back to this fair soil. Generations of Aboriginal people have respected and cherished these lands and waters. Archaeological evidence and oral traditions indicate the presence of our ancestors on the shores of Malpeque Bay dating back 10,000 years. Our spiritual attachment and connection endures here and this place in the Malpeque Bay has significance to us, which all Canadians can appreciate." 

- A welcome from the Chief of the  Lennox Island Mi'Kmaq First Nation