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Jakes Hotel Treasure Beach Jamaica

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St Elizabeth

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Treasure Beach is a rare gem. For starters, it's not an all-inclusive gated community. Rather, it's a collection of humble homes, small villas, mom & pop shops, a church, and a few local eateries that stretch along the main drag close to the ocean. Think "village." There are no neon lights or glitzy fast food places, instead, it offers its own special version of  "homegrown community tourism."

The "funky and fabulous" Jakes Hotel, Resort and Spa, really the only place to stay, is the heartbeat of the community and greatest supporter of its tourism initiatives. 

Described as Bohemian-Caribbean cool, Jakes' accommodations include everything from modest motel rooms to exquisitely appointed oceanfront bungalows, one-of-a-kind-cottages, and luxurious villas. We can't begin to tell their story, capture their personality or describe here how Jakes and the community of Treasure Beach will capture your heart and nourish your soul - we just know it will.

So, follow the link above to their website to learn about their organic locally grown food, choose the accommodation that resonates with you (all are handcrafted art and architectural masterpieces in their own right), select some of the healthy off-beat and rejuvenating experiences they offer and get yourself booked. 

In need of some more visual inspiration? Click over to their Instagram and start dreaming. 

And please remember responsible traveller, when you decide to book, contact them directly so all of your tourism investment flows into the community.


Jakes Hotel and the Community of Treasure Beach are a beautiful example of what responsible tourism, community tourism or the newly coined regenerative tourism is all about. There is something unique about the tourism experience of visiting this Jamaican farming and fishing village, which creates an opportunity to connect with and fall in love with the people and this delightful place. Tourism here is completely homegrown, purely with the intention of creating a healthy and thriving community and surrounding environment. What a perfect model for tourism that is creating a better more vibrant world!