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Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

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Clayoquot Wilderness Resort | Profile Portfolio: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

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Tofino, British Columbia

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Luxury lodge with safari style glamping tents on a remote section of the Vancouver Island coast. This all-inclusive resort offer packages including all include food, alcohol, spa treatments and any wildlife excursion you can imagine.  This is the refined way of enjoying, appreciating and respecting this unique environment. 


Announced as World’s Most Sustainable Hotel at the 2018 World Boutique Hotel Awards.

The resort commits to education of guests and media from all over the world – in the value of the biosphere, the salmon forest eco-system, the importance of restoration of salmon habitat and re-population of native wild salmon species, of sustainable commercial and recreational fisheries, of green energy, of wild food systems, eating locally, micro economics, and so much more.

The incorporate closed systems of waste management and removal, that prevent wild creatures from becoming conditioned to human environments. An energy-efficient 10,000 bio-wheel waste treatment facility manages all liquid and solid waste from storm and wastewater systems as well as kitchen drains and grease traps.  The system combines advanced contained biological processes with mechanical aeration.  Micro-organisms reduce inputs to totally clean, pure, potable water (we do not drink or use it otherwise), and a very small amount of fertilizer quality solids.

A BIOvator in-vessel composter manages 100% of the resort’s organic waste in a closed-system designed to eliminate leaching and ground contamination associated with traditional heap composting.  The system processes organic waste into highly viable compost in 30-days.